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Banana Oil (2017-now)

chunky musical trio w/ Laurie Pitt (Golden Teacher, Modern Institute, Thoth) and Joe Howe (Joe Howe, Ben Butler & Mousepad, Gay Against You). sounds like jazz(/fusion), prog, skronk etc

photo by Derek Brennan

Come Outside (2018-now)

heart on sleeve power-pop/emo band w/ Chrissy Barnacle and Kevin Frew (Halfrican, North American War). I really like this band and feel so happy to be playing these tunes with some real good eggs. We have played a good few gigs but have not recorded anything proper yet.

photo of a boy wearing a celtic top crying on a roundabout. taken by kevin's mum

Lylo (2016-2019)

i played synthesiser and contributed to recording and production of this self-produced glasgow 5 piece band

photo by Neelam Khan

Sham Gate (2014-2019)

a solo project built around analogue synthesisers and singing

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Robert Sotelo (2017-2017)

good + thoughtful psych pop from London (now Glasgow-based). i played bass in the live Robert Sotelo Group!

cusp album cover

Martha Ffion (2015-2017)

I played bass for my nice friend Martha Ffion at lots of live dates, an EP and an album:

photo by Eoin Carey



I’m interested in creative applications of software, making software (+ development) accessible, and interesting ways of thinking about web technology.

Selected Projects:

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me and ewan doing Weights and Measures on Clyde Built Radio


I have a degree MA(Hons) Music and I got a 2:1. I graduated in 2014.

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collage with images of 'Thong Song' singer Sisqo and and text from interview with him

general annual website review

screenshot of someone broadcasting and streaming their computer screen over dat protocol

collage of two photos of yellow objects, one squiggle, and one colourful drawing of a smiling face